August 1, 2016

Good Music Monday #2

IIMG_8497 love the holidays, don’t get me wrong; they’re a true joy. But the lack of routine can be quite unsettling and I am missing my short commute where I get to listen to my choice of music. In an attempt to create time and space for music in the holidays, I’ve created a new Good Music Monday playlist for our shared listening pleasure! So if you enjoyed the last edition, I hope you find some musical treasure in this months offering.

Good Music Monday #2

DANIEL PETERSON – The Prodigal Father (Reconcile, Pt. I) – Lee played Daniel Peterson’s album to me in the car on the way down South recently and it was full of hits. This is my favourite and got my doing some serious passenger chair dancing.

BEARS DEN – Red Earth & Pouring Rain – The return of Bears Den and the delivery of their first album as a duo is well received in my eyes! I love the 80s vibes that seem to be making a resurgence at the moment.

NEEDTOBREATHE – Great Night – NTB have obviously been doing some serious pop gold research for this new offering and this track has feel good written all over it.

MAGGIE ROGERS – Alaska – I found this track from Maggie Rogers on a Singer/Songwriter A-List on Apple Music and really enjoyed her voice. It reminds me of early Regina Spektor.

SERAMIC – The Things You Do, SERAMIC – Found – Where to even begin with these two tracks. The best thing I have heard in absolutely bloody ages. So much feel good with Seramic’s debut EP. Marcus’ voice is sublime and the backing tracks on both of these songs are soul soaringly delightful. I challenge you not to do some serious grinding to these two tracks.

REGINA SPEKTOR – Bleeding Heart – Oh Regina, you never let me down. Regina’s voice is an acquired taste for some but oh my, do I love her.

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS – Dark Necessities – RHCP gave me serious nostalgia vibes with this latest single reminiscent of the By The Way era.

TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB – Are We Ready? (Wreck) – Two Door always make me wanna daaaaance. This track calls for it.

TAKING BACK SUNDAY – Tidal Wave – When I saw this come up on my iPhone screen I had a large intake of breath and had flashbacks to studded belts and dancing in mosh pits as a teen. Taking Back Sunday are my emo dream and although this song is more Dropkick Murphy’s than Cute without the E, I’m still a fan after all this time.

INGRID MICHAELSON – Hell No – Ingrid’s last album was jam packed with some poppy numbers with attitude and this single from her latest LP is thoroughly enjoyable.

GUY GARVEY – Open The Door – Guy Garvey does anthemic so well, this was my favourite track from his debut solo album. It’s got a bit of a carnival feel with the rhythm and percussion, a satisfying listen.

CHVRCHES FEAT. HAYLEY WILLIAMS – Bury It – I mean, you can’t tell whose singing what as they’re basically voice twins all the way through but still, great tune.

FOY VANCE – Coco – A lovely simple and beautiful song that speaks to me about the questions of childhood. Watch the video too, it’s a joy. Directed by Courteney Cox and featuring her daughter Coco, the inspiration for the song, the video tells a very simple tale of the innocence of childhood and the joy of the little moments.

THE BIRD & THE BEE – Los Angeles – I have never been to LA but have visions of driving down Sunset Boulevard in an open top car singing this loudly. Call me a dreamer, I’m cool with that. Music is meant to take you places, right?

BRIGHT LIGHT BRIGHT LIGHT FEAT. ELTON JOHN – All In The Name – Feel good vibes all the way.

FRANCIS & THE LIGHTS FEAT. BON IVER – Friends –The only bad thing about this song is the pointless input of Kanye. Why does he exist?! In this, and in life?

MEADOWLARK – Quicksand – Kate McGill’s voice is so mesmirising and I just love this direction she’s going in with Meadowlark. Big fan.

BASTILLE – Good Grief – These lads know their way around a catchy tune.

FLUME FEAT KAI – Never Be Like You – This just makes me wanna daaaance, man.

SWITCHFOOT – Where The Light Shines Through – The campaign that goes along with this title track is great, check out the hashtag and enjoy all the hope that radiates from people finding joy in the (sometimes) ordinary.

MATT CORBY – Monday – This recent Matt Corby album hasn’t grabbed me as immediately as his previous work but there’s not denying that voice. Damn.

PETER J MCCAULEY – Borders – This is big, I love Pete’s voice and his talent is showcased here with a new direction, dropping the psudonym of Rams Pocket Radio but still churning out the hearty alternative pop.

DAUGHTER – Doing The Right Thing – Hauntingly beautiful are just two words that  can describe Daughter and the new album is great – filled with ethereal melodies and songs that make you melt inside.

Let me know what you think – what’s making your heart soar and your feet move this week?

Yours in good things,

Emmah xo

August 1, 2016