March 6, 2017

Good Music Monday #3

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve shared a Good Music Monday playlist! So long in fact that I even have #4 brewing even before publishing #3! So here goes… enjoy this one, it’s a cracker of mainly pop hits. So in no particular order (shuffle is your friend with this one)…

Good Music Monday #3

GABRIELLE APLIN – Miss You Gabrielle Aplin is a very talented woman. I have seen her live and can confirm that the voice is as ethereal and beautiful as on her recordings. Her return to music after a short hiatus is a return to true pop form.

ELBOW – Magnificent (She Says) They’re back and back doing what they do best. Beautiful lyrics, enchanting melodies. This song speaks amazingly to me as I imagine a little person asking all the questions about the world as Guy Garvey’s lyrics suggest. And there she stands, throwing both her arms around the worldThe world that doesn’t even know how much it needs this little girl. It’s all gonna be magnificent, she says.

RYAN ADAMS – Do You Still Love Me? I am so excited about this album, it feels like a return to form for Ryan Adams. I recently read an interview with him where he talked about the writing process and said how cathartic it feels but once it’s out there, it’s for everyone else to use and take from. And take from it I will, take from it some guitar and songwriting genius.

FOY VANCE FEAT. KACEY MUSGRAVE – Moonshine The soundtrack for a new Ben Affleck film, this feel-good song will get you tapping and singing alone at high volume.

KATY PERRY – Chained To The Rhythm She’s well known for it: no, not incredible hair and infallible fashion sense but POP FREAKIN HITS.

LADY GAGA – Ayo The recent Gaga album surprised me, I loved it all. There’s loads of soul in it amid country inspired pop and it’s a definite party-in-your-car kind of album. This is my favourite song from the album. It’s enough to make you don some white cowboy boots.

TOR MILLER – Midnight My husband Lee saw Tor live once and sent me an insanely excitable review via text. And if Lee gets excited about something, it’s usually worth listening to.

BON IVER – 10 d E A T h b R E a s T  I remain unconvinced about the new Bon Iver album for numerous reasons (for example, why is the chipmunk voice used so much in such a seemingly genius album…) but this track is as interesting as it is loud and exciting.

DAN CROLL – Swim Dan knows his way around a song and a catchy one at that. If this is a taster of the new album then I’m sure it’s going to be a whopper.

JOSEPH – SOS (Overboard) When three sisters sing together, you never can go wrong in my opinion (see a couple of tracks on…). Joseph sound incredible and their recent album is full of interesting harmonies and songs that will get you singing along. When the chorus kicks in I defy you to keep schtum.

BUSTED – On What You’re On I know, I know, coolness factor rapidly depleting but seriously THIS IS A POP HIT.

THE STAVES – Train Tracks A new song from the amazing Staves and as expected, it’s a gorgeous harmonic delight.

JAMES VINCENT MCMORROW – Get Low I am so intrigued as to the subject of this song. Have a listen to the lyrics and see if you can decode the content. Absolutely love this.

LOWER THAN ATLANTIS – Boomerang It’s just a great little tune from the Lower Than Atlantis boys.

COLONY HOUSE – Cannot Do This Alone Saw these guys live in Liverpool last year and then had the pleasure of hanging out with bassist Parke and his lovely wife Allie on our recent trip to Nashville. But I don’t include them in any sense of duty, their recent album Only The Lonely is truly brilliant.

Enjoy – and I promise I won’t leave it as long before giving you another playlist to brighten up your Monday. Let me know what you’re loving or hating on this one!

Yours in good things,

Emmah xo

March 6, 2017