June 4, 2016

A welcome.

Hello there and a massive welcome to Give Me Something Good! My journey in starting this blog, named after an awesome Ryan Adams song, began with a look at my life and the privilege of possibility that so often gets lost in my outlook.

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” – Anne Frank

So I am on a journey of trying to be more positive, to look for joy in the ordinary, to embrace the good things I can see. It seems apt to share this journey with you, since you’re here, so here is my introduction as I explore with you some of my own good things.

IMG_7819My name is Emmah, I’m 29 and I live in Liverpool with my husband Lee and our cat Fox. Even that first sentence has expressed three very good things about my own life – beginning with Liverpool. This city is wonderful, it amazes me every day with it’s vibrancy, community spirit and uniqueness and it truly is a great place to live. Secondly, my husband Lee and thirdly our cat Fox, but I will leave their introductions to another time.

I’m a full time Early Years teacher and a part time wannabe wordsmith. Teaching takes up the majority of my earthly life and brain power as it’s an all consuming mother of a job, but I do get (or rather, make) time for other things amidst the madness of it all.

IMG_7816I think a good place to start when thinking about good things are passions, of which we all should have many. I myself am passionate about music, my journey of self discovery for the perfect fringe and my cat. (He really is the greatest creature.) In other areas of life I am passionate about gender equality, letting children play and less formal approaches to learning, music that moves the soul and lifts the spirit and of course, good food. What constitutes good food for one may not match anothers tastes but when I say good food I usually mean something wildly unhealthy with a balance of fruit and veg. But at the end of the day, who doesn’t love good burger?

I’m also really passionate about my job. I love spending time with young children on their own journey of self discovery albeit about rather more important things like how to hold a pencil without actually having to hold one and how to make sense of this crazy world we find ourselves in by whatever means they can.

So in a nut shell, that’s me. Much like you I imagine, and I hope that means you’ll find a little home here, find some common good, pull up a seat and enjoy.


June 4, 2016