July 18, 2017

Wren Dorothy Rae Mitchell

On the 28th of April at 7.32am a wondrous thing happened.

We welcomed our little bird into the world. Fresh skin, new breaths, brand new eyes looking at a brand new world. She was born on the bathroom floor of our house and has met us where we are, turned our world sideways and upside down and cried, pooped and smiled her way into our hearts. Those we love have fallen in love with her too, cuddling her, taking her in, as amazed as we are that this person, half Lee and half me has been grown and nurtured inside of me and is now here for us all to enjoy.

In those first few weeks I felt like I had been hit by a truck. A truck that carried all my selfishness, insecurities, all my hopes and dreams and all my joy. My body tells a story of a process and is now very different than it once was. But I am slowly coming to terms with these things and more than than, accepting them.

And this person, this tiny dependable, exquisite thing is now my only and my everything. Pregnancy and birth were amazing, but here and now, with her, is where the adventure really begins.

Welcome to the world, Wren Dorothy Rae.



(I wrote a more detailed birth story for the One to One midwives website, you can read it here)




July 18, 2017